alright, so i play bass and sing for a band with a few of my friends. my drummer, one of my best friends in the world, and i love this guy (heterosexually), but he just has no motivation, always wants his way, and isnt into the same stuff as us really. we decided a few days ago we are gonna cut him, which is sad, but needs to be done. we arent gonna cut him until we have another drummer lined up, which we might have already, another super talented guy(another friend) that can sing as well. we have tried asking him before and he said no, but we left a message on his myspace, saying the situation and how much we would love for him to join. basically where im going with this is how we should tell our best friend that its just not working out without losing this relationship.
another issue is this other guy we want to play rhythm/keyboard/bass for us. we have asked him before, and all he said was "ill jam with you guys" we are into the same stuff, and he is really good friends with the new drummer, but i dont know how we can pick him up.
any advice on either of the subjects would be greatly appreciated

Well is the drumer already in a band? If not what reason does he have for not joining your band?
kill him. then you just have to worry about the cops. just kidding. but for real, just explain to him about how it is. Make sure you guys are really cool about it. Tell him youre sorry and all that jazz.
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