I already know playing an eletric guitar through a bass amp is perfectly fine (pretty cool too) But i was wondering if i could plug in my electric guitar amp to my bass amp and play it through that. My pratice amp is an epiphone one which is really ****ty and from like 5 years ago, the bass amp is a crate and its bad ass. the eleltric amp doesn't have any mmmpf sometimes but has distortion unlike the bass amp. So i was wondering if it was possible.. also is it going to mess anything up if i get a distortion pedal and use it with the bass amp ( i doubt it, but just wondering)

i know its weird to ask this stuff, but im a college student and can't get the mommy and daddy to buy me stuff like i use to. Just making do with what i have, which is perfectly rock n roll.
if the guitar amp has a line out or whatever the jack hook up is called, put a line from that, into the input of the bass amp
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Well you can't run the guitar amps output into the bass amps input, it will fry it. If the guitar amp has a line out (it's an epiphone, so i'm guessing it doesn't) then you can run the line out into the other amps input.

Running a distortion on your bass amp won't hurt anything, I use an overdrive pedal on my bass amp all the time. That's all I can think of to do.
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^what? you just repeated the exact same thing i said?
guitar----->distortion pedal---->guitar amp----> line out---->bass amp input
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i've known how to do it, I put the output of the electric amp into the the input of the bass amp.. no brainer. I was just wondering if it will cause any damage and if any of you all frequently do it.
nope i really dont see how any damage would occur.
its just using the guitar amp as a head for the bass amp almost
if u attached the bass amp to guitar amp in the opposite order, then the guitar amp might get damaged....i think.....
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