My friend gave me her old 10 watt amp because it dosnt work anymore. I was hoping to fix it.

Theres no power running through it at all, when I plug it in the light dosnt turn on or anything, so naturally i ripped it open to check the fuse. Fuse looks fine though, is there anything else it could be? Anybody else have this problem.

She says she just plugged it in one day and it didnt work. She wasnt playing it and it just shut off.

open it up and check out all the wires and make sure there connected, also me and my buddy both had squire amps and the input peice is f*cked on both of them, so maybe it has something to do with that.
it'll be a loose connection somwhere in the amp, somwhere where the wires have twisted off their ends, or the solder has given up and the wire has come free. otherwise it could be a fault with any one of the many tiny electrical components, many of which are very sensative to heat. If you dont find the problem quickly, however, id suggest that fixing the amp would be mostly a waste of time, and dangerous if you are not experienced with electrics. If it was a higher model amp i would say persue this, but it being a squiere 10w, id leave it, or rip it apart and scavenge the speaker and a couple of choice parts to play with... fancy a mini extension cab?
Check the fuse by actually c ing if it can carry electricity or replace it first then start looking (blown fuses can look just fine if they have broken from a knock) AS a bet i would b looking Squierly (squarely) at the bridge rectifier. As this will give u a NO POWER at all. $10AUD on the bridge rectifier (which is less than $2AUD)

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I tested the fuse its all good, after some more research on the prefboard i noticed a ****ty solder-job between the fuse and the wire. I gave it some new solder and plugged it in and *DING* like nothin ever happened.