Okay I didn't find this in the recommendations thread, so I was wondering what you think of this acoustic.


I have two electrics and no acoustic but played them beforeof course, I've also been playing for 2 and a half years so any advice would be helpful, thanks.
Ibanez is the one of the but values for the money for electric guitars but one of the worst for acoustic guitars. You can get a guitar that is similar quality for under $100. If you are going to spend $300 or more then make sure the guitar has a Solid top. The tag will say either "solid spruce" or it will say "solid cedar". If it says "select spruce" or "tonewood" or "select cedar" then it is plywood. Also if it just says "Spruce" or if it just says "cedar" or just says "maple" then it is still just plywood. If the guitar has a solid top they WILL use the word solid. If you spend more that $100 for a guitar that dosen't have a solid top then you got ripped off.
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Regardless, Cord is right about Ibeenhad acoustics. IMO, they're only use would be as a shovel or a paddle for a canoe. If you noticed, the one you picked said its maple. Its laminate, which will have a crap tone after a short time.

Look at the Alvarez and Washburns. Decent guitars at decent prices... just make sure that the ad says SOLID spruce top or SOLID cedar top. If it does not say solid top, then its a laminate and will be crap.

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