5 moster rock high end no angeled cables 4 sale ,1 - 21 foot cable ,1 - 12 foot cable ,3 - 3 foot cables . all in good condition dot have mutch play time on them their 2years old .paid 180.00 dollars plus tax.75.00 dallars for the 5 cables with free shipping only in the main land of the u.s. i will only sell inthe u.s.

535q wah wah pedal ,it is in good condition, clean, it is 1 year old ,it has a variable boost button and can adjust the parameters a fully adjustable pedal and comes with a power supply .65.00 with free shipping within the u.s. thankyou.
Picture 002.jpg
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Hey man Ill trade you a ds-1 with with power adapter for your Wah pedal. They are in perfect condition, and if you were to buy them new it would come out to 57$, so I would include 10 more dollars in the trade. Thanks. I dont want my ds-1 anymore, because I bought an amp with plenty distortion! Hope you are interested! Ive been dying to get a Wah.