ok lately i have been working on my chops (like practicing and stuff with a metronome)
and i have noticed that even after i practice and warm up that i still sound and feel really sloppy, like my alt.picking is really sloppy eventhough i practice it for roughly an hour a day doing various excersises.

could anyone suggest why this maybe happening? I never noticed sloppiness like this before i started practicing......perhaps I am just becoming more aware of what I am doing wrong?

Did this happen to anyone else?

I've heard the same thing a few times before from people using a metronome.

Useing a metronome and trying to do everything dead on perfect was never my thing, so i never used one. All that clicking would drive me to smash my guitar lol. I just started off practicing slow and over the months started doing it faster and faster.
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You answered your own question man. The very nature of serious practicing (which it sounds like you're doing) is slowing things down and paying attention to precision and accuracy of what you're playing. Using the metronome means that you have something outside of your head keeping time which means you've got something reliably keeping time. Until you've been playing for years first (doing the whole metronome game), if you only use your head, you'll always think your on time.

The metronome forces your brain to learn new pathways it hadn't known exactly before and it's doubly hard to "unlearn" old timing and replace it with new. So yea, you'll sound crappy for a while because 1) the metronome and 2) you're actually listening hard and being more critical with the serious practice. Just give it time bro, you'll find you get more and more precise. Try slowing down the time and gradually up-ing the tempo each week or 2 weeks. Give yourself a set time though, so that you're always just pushing your limit.

Hope this helps.
- PunkFish
sure its probably using the metronome seriously for the first time, but sometimes people just get into bad ruts when they try to practice things and dont do anything that's enjoyable first... like ive had times where seriously for about 3 days i couldn't play worth crap. i gave up on the 3rd day and just started playing some songs, and that loosened me up enough to get back into my groove.. so maybe you're trying too hard.