i need some help. im having quite some trouble eqing a good heavy tone from this amp. im trying to get a metal tone, i have a boss blues driver and a ts808 to push it, but i cant get the tone with either. no matter what i do, when im standing next to the amp, its mushy and dull with not much highs, and when i go far from the amp, the highs are ear peircing and theres hardly any low end. can anyone give me some eqing advice on this amp.
I actually only bought the amp about 2 weeks ago and I am still in the process of getting a really good sound out of it(ie. breaking in the speaker and setting up my EQs). My settings as of now are:

gain - 6
highs - 8-8.5
lows - 7-8
mids - 4 - 4.5

Then I use my Boss SD-1 with the drive at about 10 oclock to get a metal type sound. I mainly play trivium and lamb of god. Keep in mind this is with the volume really really low tho cause my parents lose it when its too loud. I have the master volume set at 1 and the channel volume at 9

I'm not sure if this helped you that much, but maybe try it anyway.

P.S. It might be just me but i think the metal tone out of this amp is decent, whereas the majority of the reviews say its basically only a classic to light hard rock amp. I dont mind it, a little muddy, but I'm working that out also.
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New Tubes. Trust me. The stock ones tend to be mushy and whatnot.

The settings I use are either

Treble    8/9
Mids      7/7
Bass      7/4
Gain      7/7
Volume    6/6

However, Keep in mind mines generally set for some heavy, wet, overdrive soaked blues
For a metal rhythm tone:

Gain boost on
Gain: 10
Mids: 4
Bass: 8
Treble: 7
Pedal settings:
Tone: 3
Gain: 0
Level: 10

For metal lead:

Gain boost off
Gain: 10
Mids: 5
Bass: 7
Treble: 8
Pedal settings:
Tone: 3
Gain: 10
Level: 10
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