I have a Charvel Charvette, and the neck needs to be re finished. But i was wandering if i could paint it black and then put some form of clear coat over it or something. if so, does anyone have any step by step tutorials, this would be my first paint job or any real customizing.

If you tape off the fret board then yeah you can paint the neck. You cant paint the fretboard and still expect it to be playable. But to paint the neck all you really need to do is sand it down first and wipe off all of the dust really good. Then either put on a wood sealer or a primer and sand it smooth once it dries. Then paint it and sand it smooth. Then clear coat it and instead of sanding it smooth, you wet sand it using 400 grit sand paper and move up in grits until you have sanded it with 2000 grit paper. Then you polish it with a buffer. Granted thats the brief descriptive, but for further info on painting I've heard re-ranch.com has some wonderful tutorials.