if you listen closely to any of the live recordings of Pink Floyds Comfortably Numb Gilmour uses some kind of pitch shifter or something to hit the odd note an octave or two out... the effect really helps his solo along in bits... what kind of effect is this? is it easily recreated through some pedal or other or can he somehow just use feedback to make his set up scream when he wants it to? help me out please i would love find that sound myself... thanks
Digitech Whammy pedal?
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He probably over-dubbed the note.
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yeah in the studio hes known from taking peices from different versions of solos and splicing them together, so im prety sure thats what he did.
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If you want that effect get a digitech whammy or a Boss PS-5. Although he probably did overdub it in the recording. What part of which solo is it btw?
this recording was in 94 i think from the pulse dvd. its as if he jus steps on a switch moving it up an octave very briefly. gives a real scream... mayb you would have to hear the recording.. thanks for the help here btw i am slowly getting there
the solo is definitely live and im sure hes the only guitarist playing lead i dont think we he would be able to overdub live would he? unless i am totally lost..
do you mean pinch harmonics?
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He does use a volume/wah pedal occasionally. I'm not familiar with this version of the solo, the original can be played without any effects.

Gilmour is a stunningly skilled player, much of his tone and sounds come from his hands.
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www.gilmourish.com covers everything you want to know about Gilmour's setup

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you're probably thinking of the pinch harmonic he does for the first note of the solo though.
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I'm 90% sure it's just harmonics. The main example is I think right at the beginning of the end solo - just after the first few notes it goes very high, think it's a pinch harmonic.
Everyone, he is on about the pinched harmonics, thats all.

Someone explain to him what they are or he might go out and buy a whammy.
Harmonics(TBH I have no idea you execute a "pinch harmonic" but you pick it and then you've gotta touch your finger to a hotspot, and it squeels.
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