My bands song (I'm on bass), I would love to hear some of your comments and I'd be happy to review in return

"Gravity... always... wins..."
sounds really good, the title gave me the presumption of lowbrow punk, but i was pleasantly suprised, keep up the good work.

pros: excellent guitar and bass parts, good vocalist.
cons: fuzz/solo too harsh a change, title pretty bad.

i like it overall.
Not my style, but decent. I didn't care much for the screamo stuff.

Strange riff you've got going there.

I liked the clean parts, a little heavy on the reverb/echo on the vocals through the clean portions.

I would drop the screamo stuff (personal opinion) and expand on the clean and add in a break with some slightly cruchy leads to it for that extra punch.
i liked the clean intro...the vox are a bit off key but not too bad at all......the drums, in personal opinion should be tuned slightly differently...although they are recorded in good quality the snare with the snares turned off at the beginning has a bit too much "twang", but that is being very picky on my part....the distorted parts sound almost more quiet than the clean parts but still a nice switch. perhaps you should make that a more noticeable change......if all of my comments seem too picky it's probably because they are, and there aren't any particularly overbearing noticeable flaws, i.e., great job!.....although also not necessarily my style (the screaming is....almost funny to be honest)....i can tell when a lot of effort goes into something and i can tell this is the case here....i can definitely applaud that....anyways, keep on truckin, for your field of music you definitely have potential!

crit me?