hey peoples, i was wondering how hard it would be to install a floyd rose on a fixed brigde guitar (tonepros locking brigde to be precise), how much it would cost in parts/ how much to have it done for me, and what kind of tone reduction would i be facing. if its worth it, i would be doing i to this guitar http://schecterguitars.com/index.asp
i asked this question to mod my strat with a rose.....bad response i got. apparently it would of been cheper to buy a guitar already fitted with a Rose. Rose = 200$ or something ....Lots of routing required, if you get it done by a pro.. some thing $100 for that.....so do the math my friend. ( btw im not too sure on prices, rough estimate)
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Check a site called guitarfetish.com

They supposedely have some nice licensed floyds for cheap. If you have a router, you could install it yourself. Just follow the diagram.
If youre not experienced in woodworking, id say its definitely best not to try to install a FR. If you really want it on your schector, you could take it to a shop, or you could always buy a new guitar fitted with a FR
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