No, it's not the band in my signature. But the other band I'm in is a cover band. We constantly have bar hoppers and regulars at pubs tell us we are the best cover band playing in town that night in our suburban area. My bassist just made a pretty nice looking press kit that we are going to submit to more popular places, but we have run into a few problems.

Ocean City, MD is the top resort town in Maryland and is the hometown of some of our members and a frequent gig spot of ours. However the places we play are usually dives or have asshole owners who pay poorly and are crack addicts. The top clubs "Seacrets" and "The Paddock" are the clubs we really want to play since they pay very well and are always packed with people.

However, we heard a rumour (which turned out to be true) that these places will not hire local bands because they have a policy there where if you perform there, you can't play anywhere else in Ocean City because it would be a (Conflict of interest.)

We are a mid-range known band. Not unpopular, but not a household name in the area. We were considering lying about where we are from in order to get around this. Do you guys think that would fly?

If we did play one of those places, we don't care about playing anywhere else and would cancel our other gigs and just play the other town we visit regularlly. What are some other ways to get around this? The nearest place worth playing would be Baltimore and that would mean hauling our gear 2 hours back and forth.
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it depends if you could get gigs there constantly or not. I would lie and see if you play there atleast once and if they want to book more with you, go for it.
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Ya, just say that your aren't from around there and if you get gigs weekly or more, then stick around. If they don't give them to you that often then go to other places.