I need some new pickups for my Squire Bullet, what kind should I look into? I play a lot of metal (Lamb of God, The Black Dahlia Murder)
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forget the pick ups get a new guitar

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kaervek...you rock

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the genre of metal is like an apple, I prefer just the apple, not the applecore
agreed X4
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single coils arent that great for metal and squier bullets are made of plywood, a rule of thumb is to never spend more modding a guitar than it cost you to buy the guitar, unless you really love the guitar or if it was like $5 and its just to mess around, save up and get a nice guitar
x5, look into an ibanez or jackson i guess? or cheap ltd, you can probably find a guitar from one of them for about the same price as decent pickups... and it'll be better than the bullet. if you absolutely have to keep the guitar, look into emg's i guess. 81 in the bridge and depends on you for neck..
playing metal music with a squire.....umm.........yea
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I want an Ibanez but my parent's won't buy a new guitar for me. My mom won't get me anything unless I work for it (she's told me certain things I could do to get a new guitar and I can't do any of them), and my dad seems to think my guitar's great and I don't need a new one. Anyone have anything I could say to get a new guitar?
Break your squire. It won't be that hard at all.
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are those white emgs? i doubt it...still get a new guitar
Jackson DXMG- upgraded pups 81 85 emg set
Schecter Omen 6
XXX 60w Tube Combo
Digitech GNX3
Boss MD-2
personaly, its a guitar, who the **** cares, if your going to get new pickups get tex mex pickups, or single coil open humbuckers, that should do it, i dont know how much the guitars worth but keep it anyways, just get the setings adjusted
since everyone was bitching, heres my favorites...
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