Hey, I just put EMG pickups in my fat strat and it sounds a lot better, but when I bend the high frets on the E string, past the 15th fret, it'll bend to a certain point and then go silent with a squeek. I think this problem started to occur a little before i put the new pickups in, but now I think it might be more noticable. I was wondering whats causing that to happen if the neck is starting to warp or the pickups arent set up right because it happened to my old strat too a couple years ago. If anyone knows what the cause is, I'd appreciate it. Thanks.
Have you checked to see whether or not the string is getting caught on your new pickups? I doubt it is, as it would be very prominent and noticeable.

Perhaps you just need to slightly raise the action on that string?
maybe its the action??
did u mess with the bridge steeings at all or anytihng while u were changing them?

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Its fretting out. This can be from quite a bit of stuff- a messed up fret, action, and so on. I doubt it has anything to do with your pickups. Give the frets past where ever its doing that a quick look over for anything wierd about them. If there's nothing weird about the frets its probably your action.

On rereading it sounds like your fret may not be level all the way across, since its just when you bend(right?).
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I checked the frets and they seem to look fine. I'll try messing with the action as soon as i get the tool to do it. The string looks a little lower than the other ones so I'm hoping thats what the problem is. Thanks for the help.
Have the intonation and truss rod checked. . . . other than that, you have a possessed guitar. . ..