I didnt know what forum to put this in but sence it had to do with guitars I put it here, I got some money and I dont know what to do, I currently have an Epiphone Les Paul Standard that I dont want to get rid of, a fender frontman 212 and a digitech rp50 that aret to great, and I dont know what I should get out of these:
1-Do a custom guitar ive always wanted to do one, somthing like a super strat
2-Just buy a new guitar
3-Get a new mp3 player, mine doesnt work
4- Any other ideas? other than new amp because I know it's pretty bad but im getting a new one from my dad.
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ummm you could get new effects pedal to compensate for the digitech. but otherwise i would either get a new guitar or build on from warmoth even though that is a more expensive route