Im on the market for a amp that can handle heavy heavy distortions. Mainly I play Children of bodom, Nile, opeth, metallica.. mainly metal and nu metal stuff. My budget will be around 400 US. Im hoping to just get a new amp and I dont want to get used but if theres enough used amps without having to hunt around for weeks I might take suggestions on a good used amp around 300-400. What are some good metal amps basically.. Ive got a rg350 if that helps.
lol everyone says the roland cube 60 but its true it is a gr8 cheap metal amp
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honestly dude. I think you'd be better with a line 6 podxt live or boss GT-8.
you can use them direct to a PA also.

but as far as amps, maybe look into a Johnson Millenium or something like that. Don't know how much they run though

and possibly a Flextone III
i know Alexi played one in an instruction video (passage to the reaper) and my friend let Alexi play through his one time. I'll hook you up with the settings next time we talk if you want.
it pisses me off saying Alexi (too chickish), why didn't the dude keep it as the real spelling of Aleksi? I mean, I know why but who cares if people mis pronounced it. no one gets my last name right.

we should have a vote :O
who here has had their name mis pronounced and kept it? haha.
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Quote by TheFluffy
www.google.com has all the price lists

And if i was you, id save up some more and get a used 5150 combo on ebay.

The prices are at www.ebay.com

meh. i guess a 6505 combo might suit him.

actually, hell yeah it would! haha

and Fluffy dude.. any idea why I didn't get a warning or banning?