a song i wrote about how my brain is melting. or melted, i'm not sure.

Climbing my head, I?m already gone
It?s spinning in circles The system is wrong
I?m climbing the ladder: Politically long
I don?t know when I?ll see you, I?m already gone

3 hours ago I started staring at the wall
the cracks appearing slowly yet they're still so very small
my eyes 3 centimetres from their dark wisdom
3 hours ago I started staring at the wall

a spectrum of noises flying in through my ears
And they flow into my brain and slowly fall as tears
My mind 3 miles northern of my physical brain
3 minutes ago I think I went insane

Carving a statue, made out of love
My brain-waves spinning faster as I swoon like a dove
I?m leaving the ladder, half way to a cloud
This world is a place, where I will never be allowed
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There's a 30 minute grace period. It gives you time to forget again, or else you just be crouched in a dark, dusty basement corner, rocking back and forth proclaiming "I lost the game...I lost the game...I lost the game..."