Hey. This a poem by Henson Towne, http://www.theribbon.com/poetry/aroundthecorner.asp (original poem)
after stumbling upon it one night on the net, I read it and damn it I near started crying, might have been the 10 jack and cokes I had, but the words were like straight out of my head, I too had a friend who lived around the corner, we kind of went our seperate ways, hung out with different people, worked a lot, but I always considered him a good friend, I just thought in time we'd catch up again. He was killed in a car crash, at his funeral I realized I had'nt spoken a word to him in three years. Anyway I read this poem and the music spilled out in 10 minutes. http://wg3.dmusic.com
Now Is Not The Time To Cry....Now's The Time To Find Out Why!!!!
I love the guitar. It's perfect for the whole feel. About 1:30 - with the hoo bit - sounds amazing. I thought the vocals were too overpowering at the start - but they grew on me by the end of the song. Harmonies at the end are class - amazing stuff. Really liked this. Great stuff.


^ If you have time
yeah, vocals are too loud. Guitar is nice. Sounds good. Tones are good. I dont like the guitar part that is overdone with effects. I like having the piano part there. I like this, its better than a lot of things I've heard. Vocally it could have been a little better, match the harmonies better, but they were good either way.
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