Right I've been posting in hell knows how many forums for advice on best pick ups to get (be amazed if one or two of you havent seen me in here before lol) and I've made up my mind almost (at last lol), I'm settling on a pair of swinesheads, cause they're cheap for one, and sound brilliant and not to mention this forums past posts indicate they've got some favour around here.

But I dont want to go and put the wrong pair together. So I need one last bit of advice as to which combo your think are best for my yamaha ERG 121. I was thinking of an Xbucker in the bridge and a Venom in the neck position since the too seem to be quite good for heavy riffs and trivium like solos and the venom doesnt seem to bad for cleans when ever there needed if the sound bytes are anything to go by.
Right wot ya think? advise me if you think theres a better match (remember keep it toswineheads, i like them lol)