I'm going out to my local record store tommorrow to get some new music, i dont know what to buy and i know ill probably just listen to a bunch of stuff while im there
and make a decision but any ideas on what I should check out?
i wasnt sure where to put this because i like pop/punk, indie, post-hardcore, and pop/rock so i dont even know, i just want something really good no matter what genre it is

tell me whats good so i dont waste my money like i did last time with "At war With The Mystics

help please

i dont know what the Fuck this smiley is doing
ok I have stadium arcadium and master of puppets, i dont like metal really so i dont think pantera or trivium will do, i guess im looking for something like indie orrrrr something like fall of troy or he is legend

i dont know what the Fuck this smiley is doing
Definitely check out City of Caterpillar and At The Drive In if you haven't already. As for indie, Wolf Parade, Built To Spill, Silversun Pickups (Maybe), and Clap Your Hands Say Yeah might work for you.

And have you heard the Flaming Lips' other stuff? I have At War With the Mystics and Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots, and the latter is way, way better.

Also, if you like instrumental stuff, Tortoise, Explosions in the Sky, The Samuel Jackson Five, and Godspeed You Black Emperor are all worth a listen.
I don't know anyone who dislikes Sigur Ros. Try them out. I bought Takk today and it's amazing.
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Buy Thom Yorkes new album, The Eraser.
Wade in the water, child.
Or, get Fugazi-Red Medicine
Wade in the water, child.
Either Thom Yorke's new CD The Eraser, or one of The Shins CDs.
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Not you probably will after all these replies but

Try Broken Social Scene - You Forget It In The People

Just a collection of some of the finest songs ever put down in the 'indie' genre i feel. Beatiful and uplifting throughout, passionate and exact accessable yet with enough depth to last a life time. Perfect.
Death From Above 1979 - You're A Woman I'm A Machine,
You'll never get tired of it, I've had it for 2 years, and I can still turn it on and listen to the whole thing

Or (you've probably heard this before) 10 000 days - Tool

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as stated "you forgot it in people" is sort of the "perfect" modern indie record.

get Wolf Parade afterwards