I don't think this has been done before, but if it has I'm sorry...
Basically it's like the Guitar World column, what is the hour of music that rocks your world
Mine is:
Spaced- Aerosmith
Over and Over- MC5
Bombtrack- Rage Against the Machine
Shaman's Blues- The Doors
The Crunge- Led Zeppelin
Superunknown- Soundgarden
Don't Stand So Close To Me- The Police
Old Brown Shoe- The Beatles
Kansas City- Albert King
Subway to Venus- Red Hot Chili Peppers
Billie's Bounce- Wes Montgomery
Rainy Day, Dream Away- Jimi Hendrix Experience
Kodachrome- Paul Simon
Spanish Bombs- The Clash
Blur - Song 2
The Cure - Boys Don't Cry
Radiohead - Go To Sleep (Acoustic)
Muse - Knights Of Cydonia
The Strokes - 12:51
Maximo Park - Graffiti
Sigur Ros - Hoppipolla
Kasabian - Empire
Manic Street Preachers - Design For Life
Radiohead - Just
Buzzcocks - What Do I Get
George Baker Selection - Little Green Bag
Placaebo - Nancy Boy
Rage - Street Fighting Man
Pink Floyd - Wish you were here
The Pixies - Tony's Theme
Beatie Boys - Intergalactic
Never - Abandoned Pools
Invalid Letter Department - At The Drive-In
Ten Speed (Of God's Blood and Burial) - Coheed And Cambria
Ziggy Stardust - David Bowie
California Uber Alles - Dead Kennedys
Touch Me - The Doors
Waiting Room - Fugazi
Plug In Baby - Muse
Eclipse - Pink Floyd
Paranoid Android - Radiohead
Testify - Rage Against The Machine
Higher Ground - Red Hot Chili Peppers
Before And After - Rush
Lotus Feet - Steve Vai
Toxicity - System Of A Down
Nautical Disaster - Tragically Hip
El Scorcho - Weezer

It's 62 minutes though.