Shy girl dosn't give out her name,
she dosn't play any games,
she's not in the mood to play

Shy girl dosn't have any fun,
she dosn't talk to no one,
she dosn't have anything to say

Shy girl has no place of her own,
she has no place to call home,
she just wants to run away

She's a shy girl all alone in the world
she dosn't know what to do, she dosnt know what to say
She's a shy girl lonley little shy girl
I am coming for you, yeah I'm coming your way.

Thats it for now I'm not done though, kinda stumped. Any help/critique would be great.
The main problem I think you might have with this (if you put it to music) is that it is short and repetative. Not that being short or repetative is bad, but together it is really annoying. Repetative parts of songs usually go pretty fast or you get bored waiting, but since it isnt very long you might have to spread it out. It might just be a personal thing, but that usually sounds really annoying to me. Its not bad really, it just needs to say a bit more.