I'd give you maybe 50 bucks for it. If i was in a generous mood, that is.
Well, just to be like everyone else, here's my rig:

Fender American Stratocaster
Epiphone Les Paul Custom
Washburn J28SDL

Mesa/Boogie F-50 Combo
Throw in the amp and I'll give ya 100 Aussie dollars. Haha :P
Ill give you 150 CDN if you include those games
Black Jackson Dinky 2
Peavey Envoy 110
and that's it.
If you gave us some specs it would be easier to say how much its worth... like

What it is first of all.

What kind of pick-ups

What kind of bridge.. all that
i have that schecter...
Jackson DXMG- upgraded pups 81 85 emg set
Schecter Omen 6
XXX 60w Tube Combo
Digitech GNX3
Boss MD-2
ok its an Ibanez x-series (i think 1985) all stock pickups, bridge and everything else i dont no much about it it was givin to me when i think i was 10. the only problem is it needs a pickup screw but it still work like a beauty.