Hey guys
some peeople told me to get the rg1570 for what i wanted...
-Agreat shredding guitar
-Great and easy pinch harmonics
-Also be used as a ryhthm guitar
-Has a "floating" tremolo

the rg1570 looks pretty sweet
but in my new musiciansfriend magazine i saw the RGT5EX
it looked pretty sweet and it had dual emgs, it had a EDGE PRO II tremolo instead of a edge tremelo
which one do you guys think is better for all that up there^??
ps..whats teh difference between edge and edge II tremolos?
pss..lol the little check mark looking thing on the heads of ibanezes, does that mean its a prestige?
THanks guys!

edit. psss! gah sorry guys, whats the difference witha prestige series ibanez?
i got so many questions cause i have just been researching schecters and stuff so idk anything about ibanezes
Thanks for the help

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Period, get the RG1570, worth every penny. The Edge Pro II have unstable trem, whats the difference between prestige Ibanez and normal RGs? normal RGs are usually made in Korea/China/Indonesia and most (all i think) are made in Japan with maximum quality control. Normal RGs are shipped inside cardboard boxes while Prestige RGs are shipped by cases.

Do not just go for the reverse headstock looks on those RG5EX1, the trem will bite you big time.

The difference between the Edge Pro II and the Edge Pro is that, The Edge Pro is an upgrade to the older Edge Pro, thats before 2003. It uses prime metal as the material and the knife edges is very sturdy whereas the Edge Pro II is a slight upgrade to the old Ibanez crappy Lo-TRS trem, made in Korea and uses cheaper material as cost saving option. The knife edges will wear out much quicker than the Edge Pro

Also, the Edge Pro II's arm doesnt have and bushings, it just have an hex screw that you can tight to make the arm loose or tight, depending on your liking. Edge Pro have replacable arm bushings which is better.

EDIT: Im not sure whether you're mentioning about RGT6EX (not out yet in the US) or the RG5EX1, coz the RG5EX1 has Edge III installed in 'em and have HSH configuration.
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