Has anyone heard the song, "I am Emo" from myspace somewhere? That stills kills my stomach with laughter....
It's not the one that starts off with something like "dear diary, mood: apathetic" or something, is it?
If thats it then it's The Emo Song by Adam & Andrew
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"ur a fag if you don't pronounce the lightning bolt in ac/dc"

touche. who wuzzit?

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OMG! smile_man, that was amazing.
dude. that song pwns!
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Haha, that's hilarious "mood: apathetic"

That made me crack up when I saw it... Someone post the link so I can laugh again
i've listened to that song way too many times now.
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wake me up when september ends makes me cry evry time!

emos forever
My metalhead history teacher showed me it, thinking I would get offended or something. The only funny thing about it was the first line, then it went in circles about the same old insults. Yawn.
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My metalhead history teacher.

Is this your teacher?

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I didn't laugh that much. It seems a bit pointless, there are that many 'anti-emo' things out there, it just made me cringe mostly. A bit funny, but also a bit rubbish.
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I dont jump around when I go to shows...

I must be emo.

I saw you hardcore dancing @ death cab, don't lie Jon.
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I saw you hardcore dancing @ death cab, don't lie Jon.

Yeah saying "emo fag" just makes someone look ignorant and stupid, I wishthis emo bashing trend would be over, or people could at least start bashing real emo bands.
It was funny, but at the same time, incredibly mean.
But still funny.
I'm aware we're in a church.
Yes, my daddy's the minster.
I know he's preaching, he does that every sunday.
Oh, what are these?
Tarot cards of course.
Every genre of music gets made fun of, might as well laugh along!

haha, well some kid in front of me in science class sung this song everyday before I had ever heard of it. Then I recognized the "you'd be non-conforming too if you looked just like me" when I heard the song. Major d'oh!
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