Hello Everyone.

I have a very boring job (Computer Programming <?php print "It's SO GAY ?>, and lately I've been getting bored at work and looking at the myriad of guides out there about how to set up your own guitar yourself.

Here's the thing: I have a pretty bad guitar (Epi Les Paul Spec II, about the most beginning guitar you can buy), and although I've played for almost 3 years now and had this guitar for 2.5, I've never set up ANY Guitar.

If I were to **** the guitar up when I tried to set it up, I may not have money to get a new one until I get a job when I go back to college, but I'm thinking that after 2 and a half years, it has to be imperfect. It's not worth it to go pay $50 bucks for it at a guitar store, since that was like 1/3rd the cost of the guitar anyways.

So: Should I try setting up my own guitar (taking off strings, oiling fretboard, restringing, adjusting the action [ using truss rod and bridge ], adjusting pickups, and setting intonation), even though I've never even tried it before and I don't know anyone that has, so I can't have a seasoned pro watching me while I do it?

Thanks for reading!
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get the pros to do it. just safer.
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when setting up your guitar there arent really a lot of things you can do to **** up the guitar permanently (unless you over adjust the truss rod, but youd have to be pretty incompetent to do it to the point of permantly messing up your neck) Oh and you dont use the truss rod to adjust tthe action and you only adjust it with the strings on the guitar. All in all the stuff you are talking about is pretty simple as long as you read up on how to do it.
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As long as you don't mess with the truss rod, I think you'll be fine. I had mine taken apart before I had it a week.
why does everyone make a big deal about truss rod adjustments, it isnt that hard to do and as long as you take it very slowly you wont mess up your guitar doing it. The only time ive ever seen anyone screw up a guitar by adjusting the truss rod was when the other guitarist in one of my bands adjusted it by just cranking the hell out of it, untill it moved where he wanted it, about ten minutes later his neck cracked, as lng as you only adjust the truss rod 1/4 turn at a time and give it ample time to move each time, youll be fine.
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