this is just a little riff i came up with because i was bored one day. tell me if u like it.

Yay or Nay!?!?!?
It still needs work like fills and maby some variation in the coras (i cant even spell that during the day). Also does it really need to be played in drop d?
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after reading the comment above me all I could think as I was listening was baaaaaby but nonetheless it wasnt bad
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Actually its in double drop-d Where both E strings are tuned down to D. i use it for a lot of slow songs. Its in drop d because its eisier to play in drop d. try playing it in D and the play it in E and see which 1 is easier.
I didn't like it. It was really boring and it doesn't seem like it's going anywhere.
I wasn't that bad, but it wasn't very good. It was just kinda boring. Variate it, add some more to it. Spice up the chorus. It was ok overall.

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The bass sounded like Babe I'm Gonna Leave and the chorus was blah it wasent bad but it was really great.
It's the same chord progression as Brain Stew. I think it sounds a bit too much like Brain Stew, personally. I think if you sped it up and added a few fills to the mix you might have a decent song on your hands. Right now, kind of blah.