Hey, guys. Got another question for you. I was watching this vid on the internet, and was not only totally blown away by the skill of the player, but also by the guitar. I've been looking into a new guitar, and I could not have found a video that better portrayed the kind of sound and tone I was looking for. So, anywho, I was wondering if anybody could help me identify this guitar. It looks like a Strat-type, but the headstock threw me off. It doesn't look like anything I've seen before. So, here's the link, and thanks in advance;

Looks like one of ESPs customs they have made. Look there
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Awww, dammit! Those things are like, two thousand and above. Well, thanks for the help, I'll try to find something like it, or something.
Thank you for shoving the vid. It made me hold my breath for the full 5.20 min. and now I'm utterly depressed.
And yes, it's an ESP alright.