Im guessing that thousands have already asked for vocal help...but I'm gonna ask anyways. If there's another thred could someone please redirect me. Anyways...I've been playing piano for about 10 years..and i just started playing guitar...about 1 year. I play stuff like atreyu, silverstein, lovehatehero. We really need a singer but we cant find one so I'm trying to imporve my voice...I can sing in tune...but my voice doesnt have any dynamic to it. Also it sounds like my sound is dull...like im singing out of my nose sortoff...is there any tips anyone can give me? Like exercises and even that singning diet i heard off...like no dairy and stuff like that. Also...is it true that if you're not born with a good voice you cant develop one?
I did some music tour in sydney australia and we hadto sing in the opera house...
We had some gay black dude instruct us for like 3 hours once, and he was an asshole, but he could sing! - one thing you need to know is that if you want to sing well, dynamically, sing from your belly, as such. prject the voice from your diaphragm.
About the singing through nose, use your mouth to shape the sounds more and put more air out when you sing. combine this with the belly idea, and you should over time improve.

Listen to stuff like, Stone Sour's "Blue Study", "Take a Number" and "Orchids". Even if you dont want to sing / play any of their songs publicly, the singing is a good way to guide your own voice