great... gotta do this again. you really shouldn't have gone through so much trouble just for little old me

So Octophobia (the band of my friends) did some very intressting Hardcore songs on which i'd like to hear your opinions.
As a start i'd like you to listen to "Mondnacht" and tell me what you think of it (u may also listen to the other songs, and tell me if you like them better)

It's not very mainstream at all, but it was alot fun recording the stuff and i think, if you take some time on listening to it, you can find it quite intressting.

link is oh crap

and again! It's hardcore so really, really don't be surprised!

@forum moderator: You've closed my last thread about this coz your thought i was posting "some bands songs". That's not quite true. It's not my band but i've been involved in recording the stuff and they granted me full admisson to post here.

and now for something totally different.... I've deleted the other thread!
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I didn't close your thread because you're posting some band's songs. Its because they are not your songs.

The forum rules clearly state that the songs have to be yours and you have to have control over them. IOW you are the copyright holder.

Its not a matter of me trying to piss on your leg and tell you that its raining. Its the legal ramifications that could happen to UG if the actual owners of the songs found out and brought suit against UG. Something like this could become a huge problem and we would rather not have any problems.

I'm going to let this go this time and the time before, but if you do it again, I will ban you from the forums immediately and without any warning whatsoever.

I'm sorry that I have to be this way, but the rules are there for a reason. I have to follow them more than you or any other user does... just because I am a mod.

Hopefully you can understand our position regarding the aforementioned, but if you have any questions, or are in need of further information, please do not hesitate to PM me at your convenience.

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