I have a Charvel Charvette, and i know that they dont make them anymore. So i was wandering if it would be worth any money for the fact that the ydont make them, or if its just a piece of junk and thats why they stopped making them.

Here is a picture, tell me what you think!

Your Charvel+EVH 5150 paint job+ebay=lots of $$$
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was that meant to be sarcastic???^^^... but idk, i was jsut wandering if it was worth something, so i dont get screwed over in the long run!
well i dont think its worth alot, its probably a ok guitar there were like 300 to 400 bucks new .a step up from entry level guitar keep it n modd it
Hey man, I don't know much about Charvel's, but I think that I saw one of those going for about 350 at this shop I go to sometimes. It looks nice and all, but seeing as how it's used(and old) I couldn't really say. Maybe you could get something for it purely because of its age.
Paint it white, wrap a bunch of electrical tape around the body, put a fake signature of EVH's on it, and sell it on eBay to some sucker for a ridiculously large sum of money.

- FJ

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