As the title states, I am buying a bass soon!

I've been playing guitar for a year now and am getting a bass, not only for recreation, but so I also have some practice to be in my school's music classes.

Any tips? Hints? Things to look out for (such as when buying a bass)? I play mostly rock or metal, but usually try to branch out. I am willing to spend maybe $200 for bass and amp, maybe $250.



i started with this bass (minus the amp). Its a really decent bass. I've had it for almost 2 years and the only reason i want a different bass is for more strings (5-6 string bass)

you could just buy the bass for 180 and run it through your guitar amp (thats what i do. I dont know if thats bad for the amp though....>.>
If it gets too loud ("loud" varies from amp to amp) then the low frequencies will blow the speakers of the guitar amp, which is not designed to handle a bass's low sounds

And thanks for the tip.
Ibanez makes a bass that's like $100, it's actually not too bad. Then, spend the rest of your $150 on a decent bass amp of some sort.
- FJ

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hmm...i guess dont turn it up to loud. Well, its only 30 off of your 250 price range...i say get it
i would go with one of the fender starter packs. They come with a decent bass and a really good beginner amp. The two together give you a very good range of tone fo not a ton of money.