I have been Writing this All day and its my Favorite One yet...Leme know how its sounds...I have included The Ptab..Midi...And a Regular tab.
I really liked the opening and when you came back to it, it was awesome. The only part i didn't like was bar 16, honestly I thought that was a little dull compared to the rest of your song, that could just be me, but I really liked your outro as well. Overall I thought it was a pretty good song.
Yea bars 12-16 I don?t really like and I have some ideas of how to fix them...originally there supposed to be nothing there and if I had lyrics they would be sung with no music in that section but it wouldn?t sound as good with a huge blank spot.
i think it would have been better without the bar 16 thing it should be replaced. The quieter bits before could be good if you had lyrics maybe work out a simple meoldy on another guitar that you could fit words to
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Hey who has seen that like 80's rock ballads infomercial, cuz i think somebody who looks totally lame sings a song called Silent Lucidity. anyways, this one is much better. and has less hair
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it's all good except for that part at the end that you stole
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