I have this amp, a Frontman II 25R (here's a link)


And I want to produce the best sound. As you can see the settings are Volume, Gain, Drive Volume, Treble, Middle, Bass, Reverb.

I know Gain and Drive Volume happen when I turn them on, but the Treble, Midde, bass and reverb I don't know what to set to to get the best sound. Right now I just set them all equal to eachother. and haven't really played with them much

Is there a guide that teaches what to do to produce the best sound? Or can someone help me with this?

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its all personal preference so just mess around with the controls till you find a sound you like. i have the same amp and have the trebel on 7, middle on 5, bass on 8 and reverb on 10. sounds great to me
me personally, push the bass, cut the mids, and treble a little less than the bass. And crank the gain... but what type of sound are u goin for? it really depends on your preference and genre of playing.
metal = gain 9 low 9 mid 6 hi 6-7.5

clean + gain (low, none) low 9 mid ~5 hi 3

these are just my preferences. I'd do what omega says and just sit and mess with it. Your sound will come to you in time
Well, if you give us a style of music you like to play, we can probably steer you in the right direction for EQ settings.
- FJ

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Mids are the stuff between treble and bass. With the mids up there's not as distinct of a difference between the treble and bass stuff. Metal music usually scoops the mids to allow for heavy bass and the whole squealy solo stuff.

Atleast I think that's right. I don't particularly know indepth on it.
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However for shred settings, the mids are boosted and the others are cut down, this is to produce a saturated fuller fatter bigger complete untwangy sound.

I have mine set at
bass 6
mids 8
treb 6
gain 7.5

because I am just playing some semi shred, when I play metal i go for

bass 9
mids 5
trebs 6
gain 9

because i like creamier thicker sounds, thats me.