Yes, I am having trouble getting a clean sound off of my barre chords. Especially C#Maj7 and F. I think I am pressing hard enough, spacing enough around my hands, and gripping close to the neck fret (not muting it). But it sounds muted and when I strike all 6 strings on a barre chord similar to C#Maj7, F, or G, they sound muted.

I look at many videos. But hard to see from a video point of view. Any help and guidance please. I know practice, practice. I am all for that. But the barre chords get trippy man. Please help. Thanks!
You may be too close to the frets, thus muting them down there.
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u mite need 2 build up more strength in ure fingers and flexibility jst keep practising tho
get your index finger as far across the fret board as you can. that really helps the clarity
you mean like:


that would be F right? whatever. keep your fingers in the middle of the frets and try to make sure that your fingers arent touching other strings, that might do it. And hold firm, but dont put the death grip on the neck.

and be sure to use your index for the 1st fret, ring and pinky for the 3rs and ring for the 2nd frets. Playing an E chord isnt much different.
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Its probably that you lack finger strength, to make sure you're forming it right, start with what you're barring...don't bar every single string, just what needs to be barred, keep that in mind. When you go to place your finger [make sure its your index], try placing it right on the fret, and then pushing the fat/muscle/tissue whatever back so that its not muted, that usually makes all my barred chords sound clean. Good luck