Ok I was READING (i repeat... reading) Playboy today and I came across an article about people building guitars out of wooden guitar boxes because the wood is thin and strong and actually has a decent tone. Then I remembered, I have an old cigar box lieing around, maybe I should do it. Thats when this weeks dumb idea occured...

Im not sure what I will do about the neck yet, Ittle bolt in with 2 good bolts.
I figure I want to do 5 steel strings. MAYBE 4.
Maybe like 15-19 frets? IDK.
Ill sand down the wood until its really really thin then put a single-coil up against it and keep the action low to ensure a good sound, with a tone and volume pot. Also a input coming out the back bottom.
I figured for the bridge Id take an acoustic bridge and cut it straight along the sides cutting off one of the holes and cutting the other side just to keep it even.
This thing

This is still in the drawing-board process, so send in your thoughts! Hell, even flaming will help.

OH btw... http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v294/loquito5765/cigaro.jpg
a VERY VERY crappy image displaying just what the box looks like and where everything might go. I notice theres 2 tones, thats just cuz i cant decide where to put the tone pot.
haha. cool idea thingy. I actually have that same exact cigar box. Dont know where its from, or why I would have it, but I do. Hmmm... Sounds like an enclosure for a few pedals...
pickup under the wood? i really dont think that would work so well
You read playboy?
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Whats there to read except the 7 letter word on the cover page...
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hey make a bridge that is flat so it doesnt leave that horrible a mark whhen the support goes goes and smack you. but it still looks like a cool guitar....just watch out
This ones still definatly up in the air, I cant decide if i wanna do it or not. Itted be cool, but I got out the little microsoft calculator and saw ittle cost around 75 bucks to get all the parts.

Plus, Ive gotta finish up this slammer rebuild, then get ready for the Absinthe vs. Schecter build-off.

Oops did I say that out loud?
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