So ya, I was reading some metal magasin and I saw them talking about Enslaved and how great the new album was. So I downloaded some but could only find the older stuff, thought of it as nothing amazing. But then I was at the music store, seen the new album and decided to take a chance of wasting money and bought Ruun.

Must say, I was amazing on how good it was. Has anyone else take a listen to it? It's definatly worth checking out.
never heard of em....burn me a copy...jk i will try to find them on ares
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Ruun rocks

Reach for them, see them turn, awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
They kick ass.

The older Blodhemn stuff...meh. I like the new stuff with the occasional nod to jazz/prog/wierd ****, it's more interesting.
They are a good band. Will see them live January with Dark Funeral, that is sure to rule!
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RUUN pretty muched owns.
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One of the strongest releases in the old BM-scene. I find that that is the only album that has truly used synths in a great way. And having it released as a split with Satyricon can't be bad. That's surely one of my most prized CDs.
Good, good band from what I've heard, seriously considering getting an album. Although, I can't place what song it is, but one of their music videos is down right terrible. I was laughing my ass off as some oaf is tripping and falling in a forest, and some lady in white waves around torches, wtf? I must've missed something very important, because that was lame as hell. Good song though.
Great band. RUUN is one of my all time favorite albums.
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i like enslaved..

i bought Below the Lights yesterday, which means i have 6 of their albums now

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Ruun is pretty good, but i personally love Vikingligr Veldi, Eld and Frost the most
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