does anyone know or have any info on the up commin Line6 Spider 3?
The first Spider wasn't as bad as the Spider II, so maybe the 3 will suck even more. Or maybe it will be better than both, no real way of knowing 'till it comes out.
well if the spider 3 is truly better then it wouldnt be a bad thing would it?
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i bet if the spider III was by some rare chance a killer practice amp with valve like tones..UG would still bash it cause its a spider haha..not saying i wouldnt lol..
itll probally suck, like all the spider amps, but millions of noobs will still buy them and instead of seeing millions of ****ty "Marshall MG VS. Spider II" threads, it will be "Marshall MG VS. Spider III".

here's a thought, wouldnt it be cool if the spider III used tubes instead of ****ty digital processing?