I dont know if this is the right place to post this, and I havent managed to find a useful lesson throughout that section of the site so i've decided to ask ppl in the forums. Basically, I know a lot of main scales and stuff but i dont know how to successfully use them to write a really nice solo. I can solo pretty well, but i basically just feel my way along to the fretboard until i find the note im looking for or just happen to come across something that sounds good. So, I guess my main question is... how can i take scales and form them into great sounding melodies and solo's? I know i probably sound stupid, but any suggestions or comments are much appreciated. thanks in advance.
I had the same problem when i first learn scales.

For Improv: For improvising in scales, i could never seem to get the hang of it to sound 'authentic' until i found songs/solos that i knew were in that scale. I would learn all the solos and songs i could and figured out what scale they were in. I picked em apart and mix and matched with my own stuff, and eventually created my own sound with them, then id sit down and try to mimic a style or sound using the same scale but with my own stuff. The same technique can be applied to writing as well.

For writing: What i prefer to do is to invision the solo or song in my head. Have it in your head so you can hum it, or hear it in your head. Try to find the scale its in, and if you cant, then just note-by-note, pick the apart and write it down. I think i read somewhere in a magazine when Joe Satriani said "the most imporant thing i can reccomend to a guitarist is to invision what you're going to play." So yeah, invision the sound, the style, everything.

Thats the way i always did it. I wouldnt be suprised if there is a better or more effecient way of doing things, but i figured id just drop a response anyway. Good luck.
I got to http://www.jamcenter.com/ and play to a style in a key, they give you suggested scales, just solo over that song in the given scale and I think you will understand.. Now if you need to know how to find the key of a song, thats a diff question
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Not stupid at all, it's really a problem every player has, and even advanced players ask, "How can I sound less like I'm using scales?"

The only advice I can give is to practice making a melody. Sing a line (as simple as you want it, you don't even have to be good at singing, just get a solid idea) then try to play it on the guitar/instrument.

A scale just gives you a guidline of notes that can work together, the whole goal of music is to string those notes together in ways that sound great.
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all you do is fool around

thats how you improv solos.. fool around and remember what ur doin
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Quote by Spl!nTeRgu!tAr
all you do is fool around

thats how you improv solos.. fool around and remember what ur doin
Sadly, or perhapy thankfully, that really is how a lot of music works.