Anybody know how reliable it is? I dont have the money for a kahler or stetsbar, so dont say those. How needed would locking tuners be? How well will it stay in tune? If it means anything id be putting this on my les paul.
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I say that if you have the money for that....put it away until you get more and can afford a Stetsbar, honestly. Why settle for second rate?
id say save up and get a stetsbar or a guitar with a whammy bar
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Hey, try it out. Its compleatly reversable. If you dont like it send it back. It just replaces the stopbar. I would think locking tuners would be a good idea.
What kind of trem do you wanna use? Some subtle vibrato or do you really wanna freak out on it?
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snap man, those used by be 40 bucks a couple months ago jesus

That either means that they are good, or they cant sell enough of them to break even at that price.