For the past coupl months ive been leanring **** from Vai and Zakk Wylde and it has really gotten me to step up on my pinches... but the problem is that my pinches sound weak.... i can get the harmonic but it doesnt sound like it has presence, it sounds quiet and weak

any suggestions?
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well it also depends on your treble you have to have a high treble and such for it too
It sounds to me like you're not hitting it with enough of your thumb.
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Remember that when you do pinches, it helps to have lots of distortion at first.

Also, make sure your thumb hits the string immediately after your pick picks the note. Don't dig your thumb into the string, though. Just brush it past it, but make sure it connects.
Bridge pickup. Helps a lot.
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If you ARE getting the pinch somewhat then either move up or down on the string and you'll hit the sweet spot. Also use a nove vibrato to make it sustain longer.