I am looking for a new guitar right now i have a Squire Fender Stratocaster with custom semor duncan pickups, i played many guitars i like the Delux Tele. Would the Delux Tele be good for Blues, classic Rock, Shredding, and + im in a heavy rock band. i can shred about anything and i love the tones on the tele but idk if theres another guitar better for fitting my music styles, is the tele good for these or is there a better guitar for this out there under 2000ish, THANKS
i fu get a tele w/ humbuckers, adn a decent amp, u cousl probably shred w/ it fine..., teles are great for twangy blues adn classic
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tele's are great for that bluesy classic sound, and although they can be used for some harder rock, it definatly wont sound as great as say, an ibanez if your going to be playing heavy metal stuff.
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not sure what ur budget it, or ur amp. but have u tried the nashville delux, 3 texas special, tele..
ive got a hot railed SD dimarzio strat, and its great. but i tried one of these a little while back and its a great sounding guitar. rock, blues, nice neck, very cool.


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thx for the help guys and i have a crate GT212 200 watt amp