hey guys im going on a quest to learn as many songs in my fake book as possible and im up to ornithology by charlie parker and i dont know what position i should be playing in to be the most efficent. if any of you have learned this awesome piece canu please help me out

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don't confine yourself to one position. It's jazz, it's not going to fit in one position most likely because of how many different scales are used. I'd go with the easiest/most convienient route to play the song if I were you.
I haven't played the song in a while, but I used it for an audition several years ago and I remember playing it around 4th position. Sorry that I can't be more helpful.
Well, the version I have is in Gmajor (just to make sure we have the same version.. Lots of those tend to differ a bit in key) so you could choose for a position of the G scale that you know inside out. However, since it modulates a couple of times (to F, to Eb, to Ab, to Gmin, to A, to G) and the chromatic descending in the end (B-7 Bb-7 A-7 Ab-7) make it quite difficult to play it in one position, especially if you also want to improvise over it (which I'm sure you want )

I'd say, just learn it all over the neck