so if i want to play metallica what do i need? can i just buy a pedal or do i need the right amp aswell.
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buy a half decent guitar, a half decent wah pedal, a half decent distortion pedal, and a half decent amp

youll pull it off but it wont sound good
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if you have the money just buy a Mesa Boogie or a diezel(doubt you can afford the diezel,theyre like 2000$ broken
I'm sure I'm not the only one who'll tell you this, but unless you're in a cover band specializing in imitating a particular artist, your bet isn't to try and get the exact same equipment and sound as another band.

Lots of people could probably tell you what guitars, amps, and effects Kirk and James use. Buying all of them won't guarantee that you'll sound like they do when you play. Now, if you're just looking for general guidelines that might help you play their songs well using whatever equipment you have, well...that's an easier thing to help you with, and it won't make you seem like a clone.

A lot of Metallica's songs are characterized by guitars with the mids turned way down, and a good amount of distortion. Distortion can come from your amp, or from pedals you plug into it. Most distortion pedals, and a lot of amps, will be more that sufficient to play many of Metallica's songs. I'd avoid a guitar with single-coil pickups, though, they don't usually sound as good with lots of distortion.

Hope that helps.
James and Kirk have ESP sigs. and I'm fairly sure they use a combo of Mesa and Marshall amps.
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buy a half decent guitar, a half decent wah pedal, a half decent distortion pedal, and a half decent amp

You'll sound like half of Metallica.
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Get a Mesa Dual Rectifier and a ESP with EMGs and you set
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