i posted this on my myspace also. first song ive posted so here goes nothin...

One Man

its strange i mean

(chorus)how could,

one man with one mission could shake things up so much

how, one man with one weapon could change the tide of a battle

how, one man with one dream could acomplish so much in no time at all

how, one man with one reason could do so much in a world full of itself

how, one man could change you so much and not know it at all

how, one man could do so much and feel lik it wasnt enough(chorus end)

lik he could have done more he'd rather sleep with the poor

the less-fourtunate/ findin a place in himself to believe theres a cure

to the good to the bad and the ugly/ but still its lik

lik nothin will ever be enough 4 him 4 her 4 them 4 you

4 anyone anymore/ nothins ever enough/ nothin he wont try to change

nothins ever enough(x3) 4 anyone anymore


lik nothins ever enogh/ but still he continues on through the night/ through

the fog/ through the fight/ through the fright

he continues on til the light of dawn awakes the rest

so he tries his best but nothins ever enough/ nothins ever enough

but one man with one mission can change the world

one man with one weapon can change a battle

one man with one dream can acomplish something

one man can change a person inside and out

one man can do so much and feel as if its not nearly enough

all that one man needs is the heart and the drive to revive this world

to do that much more than the rest

all it takes is one man on a mission to do something about it


i love me some bunnys

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