ok, i have a fender frontman 212R combo, and a gibson les paul. does anyone know a way i can set the amp up to get a good lynyrd skynyrd sound out of it.

and sorry if this is the wrong forum, 2nd post.
umm.. try something like this

mid: 8 1/2
bass: 7-8

and if that doesn't sound good.
maybe this:

mid: 8

they are both basically the same sound. but slightly different

IDK. thats just around where I'd put them for most SS amps. don't know about the exact one you have.

let me know how it sounds
that kinda works, but the gain on my amp sucks so i usually turn it to about 2.
thanks for the help
oh yeah, it sounds better through a SG, i guess it has more treble to it
yeah most SS amps like that have a similar voicing like I said, so all of them (that I've tried) except maybe a Line 6 will get a decent sound right off the bat.
make sure to play out the neck pickup for anything other than solo's
^ what do you mean dude?

neck isn't only for solos. I use it alot in my playing

some people like to have dynamics through the song and not the same tone the whole song.
yeah playin through the neck works but it loses some of the trebly-ness