i don't know if you guys have seen this, but it's a guitar that can convert from fretted to fretless. in my opinion, WTF?? how can this be done to any old guitar. anybody got an idea?
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maybe interchangable frets, with some sitting flat. probly takes a while to change it over. On a second look it may have an entire changable fretboard.
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On the site it says the frets rotate when the switch is flicked, i think something like that would be diffficult to machinne and put in a neck. You can't see how the mechanism works either so you would have to firgure that out. Even if you had a complete plan on how they work i doubt you could make one yourself.
Maybe this'll help you out a bit to understand how it works.

But I'm still not sure if it actually rotates the fret or slides another one in there or something else, very weird.... but very cool none the less. I'd love to get one.
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they just drop down i used to have one
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This is a patent on the convertable neck, but I don't think it's Mikey's.
You can view some images that show how it could work (if you can't see them go to http://www.alternatiff.com/)
The frets definitely rotate.

Looking at L_Z_Nut's pic above it looks as if there is some kind of binding (plastic maybe) around the fretboard that conceals the inner mechanics. It looks to me that the frets are held in place with a little round "spike" on each end that goes into the binding like a nail. This allows them to rotate and holds them in place.

I think he probably routs out a narrow strip down the fretboard lengthwise (kinda like a mini truss rod) on the underside of the fretboard and some rectangular holes for the frets widthwise. The rod that goes lengthwise has threads like figure 10a and 10b on the patent site here* which rotate the frets. This way it would all be contained in the fretboard and not go into the neck.

That's how I would try to go about it if I were building one of these.

I think this would interfere with the truss rod though, don't you?

*on this image you can see some space in between the fretboard and the rotating frets due to the shape of the non-flat side of the fret. It looks like that space would interfere with playing slides on the fretless position on the neck. On the L_Z_Nut picture above the frets are perfectly round, and this eliminates that space.

Edit: Does anyone know how to make this work on a radiused fretboard? I cant figure that out.
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It's probably pretty useful on bass, but apparently their fretless tone isn't great.
I just can tell you that Mikey convertible guitar system is totally different that you are talking about.
I know an inventor personally, but I cannot provide any detail of mikey’s design. Talking about sound quality, you can check demo page on his web site. In my opinion it’s great.