Hi there.

Dunno if this needs a new topic or not, but I'll give it a shot.

I just got myself an 80s Fender Stratocaster and the bridge doesn't got a hole for a tremolo bar, which is okay seeing I was getting an Floyd Rose anyway.

Are I possible to buy and install an Floyd Rose tremolo bar without doing some hard, or expensive, modifications to the guitar? Like drilling holes and that kind of stuff, like I had to with my Washburn.

you'll have to take a router to make space for it, and i think you'll be drilling yourself two holes for the posts...nothing you can't do yourself, really, unless you aren't good with a router.
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I'm probably not, seeing the only router I know of it the one connected to my internet :s
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Wait, so you mean there is no trem on it? It's a hardtail?

Well if there is a trem cavity, then you are in lucky, otherwise, you might want to buy a new guitar.


Well, I just bought it so buing an new is out of the question.
Dunno if it's a hard tail, I'll find out tomorrow when I'm going to get it.
The brigde doesn't have a tremolo bar hole in it, but I was sure all Stratocasters could use one :s
I'm just hoping it can, just the pickup doesn't support it >_<


What if it's not possible to get a tremolo bar into it, could I just possibly buy a new Fender Stratocaster replacement body from www.Warmoth.com modified for Floyd Rose tremolo bars?
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Haha :P

Well anyway, it is an Fender Stratocaster, so shouldn't it have holes for a tremolo bar?
I mean, isn't it logical that a Stratocaster tremolo bar fits into a Stratocaster guitar?
if it doesnt have a hole for the tremolo bar most likely its going to be a hardtail much like those found on tele's so there will be routing involved for sure
Dude, save the strat, hotrod it or something. Get a new guitar with a floyd rose if you want em. Its just not worth the money, but worth the experience (good or screwed up experience depends).
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Well doesn't really have to be a Floyd Rose, but the Fender Stratocaster whammybar would be great.
Hahahah, somebody converted it to a hardtail, now your guitar has greatly devalued due to that.

Well you can remove the bridge, knock out the wood, and attach the floyd rose as the link i provided above, but its quite some work.

What the **** is THAT

and no.

Converting it to a hardtail like that?????

Who could have done it....
The horror...

*commits suicide*
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Hahahah, somebody converted it to a hardtail, now your guitar has greatly devalued due to that.

Well you can remove the bridge, knock out the wood, and attach the floyd rose as the link i provided above, but its quite some work.

Hehe, it might devalued but I don't really mind, I got it cheap and I aren't planning on selling it, whetever I get an new guitar or not, so that's not really a problem, but that's somewhat offtopic.

As long as it's possible, I will take the wood out and get a whammy bar, so I'll just wait and see how it turns out

But do I need to drill new holes or something to fit an Floyd Rose? I heard they are bigger or something like that.
"just that when you pull up, the fine tuners hits the body and dents it."

I'm not sure what that means, but hope it doesn't really mater if it dents :p
Well you'd get dings.

See those black things at the left side? Unless you rout your body, those things will make contact with the body and well..dent it.
Doesn't matter if it dents, just looks ugly.

If you do rout it,
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That's to prevent dings on the body and increase uppull range
Ah riight, so I have to make the hole larger. Yeah I see, that should be doable.
No, don't bother, unless you know what you are doing.
Besides, you aren't making the whole larger, you are making a cavity, but that's not necessary as I said, just don't do any Hermit Li tricks or anything stupid.

Just dent it, I mean the effort is not worth it.
One question though, just wondering how important is that Floyd Rose nut?

Saw a movie of an guitarist on the net which has Floyd Rose, and he doesn't have it.
Just wondering.

"Just dent it, I mean the effort is not worth it."

But you said the Uppull was better?
yea, if you rout the body, you'd have more space to pull up, up to you though.

The locking nut theoretically makes the guitar never go out of tune, provided it is set up properly, but you need tools to fiddle with it.

well i'd say the nut is more important than the locking trem, the locking bit, because ifyou don't have the locking nut, your guitar can still go out of tune, it's probably the main thing that stops it from going out of tune, even with locking tuners, your strings might be sharp or flat after divebombing etc.