Hello, I'm looking to buy a multi fx pedal that is good quality. I've heard the boss ME50 is very good but i was wondering if there are any better multi FX pedals out there. It need to be under 200 pounds aswell but id like to know of some cheap ones aswell. I was also wondering if the line 6 crunchtone was any good and if i was going to get a 'wah' pedal which one would be best. The 'wah' needs to be under 70 pounds.

thank you
i think i know what you asked lol....

you can get your basic dunlop wah at www.gak.co.uk for about £55 (i paid £90 for mine and it was bloody worth it). theres a digitech pedal floating around there too, dunno the price, but its basically an expression muilti fx, which is supposed to be good, with wah, volume, etc. zoom are probably the best, like i said, try gak, also www.soundslive.co.uk and www.reidys.co.uk . personally, i go for individual stomp boxes, but thats just me.

Multi fx arent even 1/2 as good as normal stomp boxes. Get a good distortion, like a Ibanez ts9 or a Rat. If you get a wah get a Vox they are best best, least loss out of all. DONT GET AND FX PEDAL PLEASE DONT!!

They cost as much as 1 or 2 stomp boxes, they are a waste of time.
yeah multi effects arent great esp when you play live, youve got a a decent ab\mount of cash so i suggest you invest in some basic stompboxes and a wah pedal, thatll take you a lot further in the long run.
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Multi effects pedals are good if you want a good range of sound for a much lower price than getting a shitload of stompboxes.

Basically, it depends on whether you want a few quality sounds, or a wide range of not as good (but still damn good considering how much you get for the price) sounds.

I own a Boss ME-50 and am very pleased with it, but then other people aren't big fans of it.
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most multi fx saturate your sound-you can get cheap fx out there like boss ds1/big muff, crybaby etc. They last you years-the initial cost is nothing compared to the enjoyment
True, stompboxes are simple,easy and can sound great,but it depends on how you use it.
for live sound,their easy,(switch it on,switch it off.)But multi's have o lot of advantages too.
Most multi's have editing,making your own patches that you can set up one after another for quick tone changes on stage.
They can be great for practice and recording,alot have tuners anddrum tracks,even looping. they just take time to figure out,most people don't scratch the surface of what
their equipt. can do,
So decide what you want your sound for,and how much bang for your buck!Good luck.