Hi, total beginner. I have completed reading book 1 (beginners) of Jamorama, it's an E-book. I don't want to start on book 2 yet (intermediate) Because My strumming pattern; like silent strumming and alteranting streumming sounds messed up. Also I am still having a lot of trouble accurately making, and switching chords; like rings buzzing.

My practice session looks something like this:

- Play scales (like three of the basic scales, like C, E, and G, but I am not exactly sure if I remember which correct names for them.) I downloaded the tabs for Guitar Pro from this website.

First I play slow and slowly speed up until my my accuracy goes all out of place lol. I suck so bad.

- Then I would practice switching chords.
I wouldn't be playing anything, I'd just hit the strings and try to change between different chords.

Hmm this is all I do. Sometimes I'd play around trying to play the beginning of songs.

So basically I could practice playing the basic scales ranging from 10 minutes to 2 hours. Aswell as chords switching ranging from 10 minutes to 2 hours aswell. Depends on my time.

Am I on the right track? Am I missing anything essential that I could add into my practice sessions ?
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If your learning and improving your guitar playing I dont see how it is a waste of time. Just remember to be learning new things as well. Learn a new scale or set of chords a week or a new technique, something like that. But your practice session sounds ok. Just remember to keep learning and get better at what your learning.
yeah keep doing exercises like that, it will help you alot. its also good to learn songs or parts of songs. if you hear a cool sounding riff learn it and try playing it along with the song. its good fun as well.
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Occasionally it might help if you learn songs among those scales and chords, so that you know how to apply what you have developed during situations.
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It sounds like a great practice routine for a beginner. You have a one-up on me because you started learning scales right away.

I would recommend learning some easy songs. You need to have something to play to enjoy yourself and also apply the techniques you're learning.

If you like Nirvana, try learning "About a Girl". It's very easy, will get your strumming rythym developed, and will help your chord changes.

Good luck, mate!
dude, the most important thing for you right now is to make sure you start nailing those chords... keep up on the chord switching. and i strongly suggest that you learn an easy song that requires the chords you know, so you will get used to timing, and having to make a chord switch fast enough for the song to sound good. that will give you a good anchor for switching speed.
Ok cool thanks for the advice.

I was so close to smacking my new acoustic guitar (500 bucks) because it's taking me forever to get the F major and C chord down. The other strings keep on ****ing buzzing or their either muted.

I got small fingers by the way....but I saw a video of some 10 year old kid playing; so it shouldn't be a problem.
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Everything in life is a waste of time, why live? We all know we are going to die, so whatever do, it's just going to be forgotten and wasted. Why practice? When it is going to be a waste of time?

I am going emo..help me!11one!1!1eleven!1!1!!

Sup man?

Also, when I practice the scales I just play them. Am I suppose to memorize all the notes? What notes I'm hitting? Know what the scale is used for ? etc. ... ?
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When you get better and are confident with scales, I would recommend learning what notes are in the scales. That way, you can pick out the notes instead of guessing which notes are which. It will help with a lot of everything in the future.
you should LEARN the friggin scales instead of memorizing them.

Memorize for the idiots, learn for the smarts, forget for the geniuses.
i think if whatever your practice is making you better, then its working, i do some pretty freaky finger excersises some borrowed some i made myself but i get better so its all good
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Its all down to what you feel more comfortable practicing. Dont practice something that isnt what your gonna use....

Im not saying dont practice scales, but im not saying you have to either.....
Sounds pretty close to my practice sessions! Finding it hard to move from playing chords to playing songs tho I just cant get my strumming patern right. Suppose it will come with practice tho!!
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